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Modifications - Anticipating, Considering, Completed, Safety, Misc. Installation Instructions, T62 Install, Manual Boost Controller

* note that these are all hypothetical modifications written for the reader's enjoyment
3m connectors are extremely useful for any electrical mods

Modifications - Completed (in reverse order of installation)

bulletTRD sway bars (23 percent stiffer than stock)
bullet TRU-B7B Tru Cool oil cooler for the power steering
bullethomemade brake ducts - pic1, pic2, pic3
bullettip - paint it *before* you put it on the car
bulletgutter funnels cut to size
bullet2 1/4" shop vacuum hose
bulletACT TS4-HDR6 pressure plate
bulletSouth Bend Clutch dual friction disk (kevlar/metallic 6 puck - SOUT CA742DXDS)
bulletstock flywheel
bullet converted from automatic to 6spd - pic
bulletT61 .58 P-trim with HKS header with GT wastegate - pics
bullet Greddy e-Manage
bullet manual
bullet installation tech article
bulletinstalled to fields harness - pic1, pic2
bulletFJO Enterprises wideband O2 controller - for tuning A/F ratios
bullet A/F vs voltage
bulletmore info regarding the sensor
bulletO2 sensor bung
bulletK&N brand Part # 8521688 =$13.99 or
bulletPainless brand Part # 60406 = $8.99
bulletO2 bung plug (for when you remove the sensor)
bulletWalker brand Part # 35299 = $4.99
bulletother wideband choices:
bulletMotec Professional Lambda Meter - more expensive and no logging
bulletDIY WB (Do It Yourself WideBand)
bulletOz DIY WB - can buy pcb and components here
bulletSuperPlug magnetic oil plug
bulletpic of plug at 62k miles (1st removal after installation)
bulletsingle DIN head unit
bulletto allow the Defi control unit and perhaps a turbo timer to be installed in the second DIN space
bulletAlpine CDP-7894
bullet Defi gauges  with peak-hold, warning, and playback
bulletoil pressure
bulletoil temperature
bulletuse to measure transmission oil temperatures on the automatic - switched to engine oil after 6spd conversion
bulletGreddy Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter Type C - part #12002734
bulletpictures (by Kapi)
bulletunassembled and assembled
bullet under hood before installation
bullet installed #1, installed #2
bulletparts list (by Kapi)
bullet3/8" NPT female tee
bullet3/8" NPT barb (x 2)
bullet3/8" NPT male <-> 1/8" NPT female adapter
bullet2 hose clamps
bulletfuel pressure
bulletexhaust temperature
bulletuse Translator for this page:
bulletinsertion of fuel pressure gauge into stock system between fpd and filter (or one could use these parts for fuel pulsation dampener bypass)
bulletstarts like Kapi's and Mohd's setups
bulletfuel pressure gauge Earls fittings like this
bulletfuel filter
bullet 991945 - 12mm x 1.25 (to fuel filter) <-> 6AN male
bullet 100199 - in line pressure gauge adapter -6 Male to -6 Female with 1/8 NPT in hex (page of similar fittings at amstreetrod)
bullet 800106 - 6AN swivel seal hose end
bullet6AN hose (either Earls Perform-O-Flex 400060 by the foot or 406006 for 6 ft, Auto-Flex 300006, or Ruff Stuff)
bullet 844591 - 6AN hose end <-> 12mm x 1.25 45o bend (to fpd) or 849091 - 6AN hose end <-> 12mm x 1.25 90o bend (to fuel rail)
bulletfuel pulsation dampener or fuel rail
bulletLotek triple 52mm (2 1/16") gauge pod (painted satin to match stock finish)
bulletball and spring "Grainger valve" manual boost controller - mbc instruction page
bulletfantastically quick spool
bulletholds perfectly with very slight overshoot
bulletBruce Nomura front radiator panel - keeps air from diverting over radiator after fmic installation
bulletMohd sells a better panel for half the price of the Nomura panel - Mohd's panel
bulletHKS Type S FMIC
bullethangs too low for the frontmost undercover to mount without modification - here's a nice solution by Brian Beezley
bulletwas able to attach all but the front five nuts on the front undercover without cutting - tucks up just fine
bullet NAPA T-Bolt clamps info
bulletfront tires: BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KD's (245/45R17)
bulletcombined with the 275/40R17 KD rears to provide absolutely amazing dry handling
bullettire speed rating info - a "Y" rating is better than "Z"
bulletHKS VPC - install instructions
bulletpossible chips
bulletJZA8018A - 6-Speed w/ Stock Injectors
bulletJZA8018AT - Automatic w/ Stock Injectors (is the same as the 6spd chip)
bulletJZA8018B - 680 Injectors, Single Turbo Upgrade & In-Tank Fuel Pump
bulletJZA8018C - 680 Injectors, Single Turbo Upgrade, In-Tank Fuel Pump & Camshafts
bulletJZA2835D - 680 Injectors, GT2835 Turbo Upgrade & In-Tank Fuel Pump <- SP has best luck with this chip on singles
bulletuseful to vent blow off valve to atmosphere, non-metered idle air control, remove stalling from sudden throttle lifts (yes, I was returning the bov to the intake and it *still* stalled with the stock mass air flow meter), future injector size compensation, etc.
bullet*update fixed the stalling when lifting from light throttle!  :)
bulletalternative: dual MAF (here dual MAF instructions)
bulletturbo side of engine bay pics: before after
bulletallows K&N filter to be placed on the IAC (filter 62-1360)
bullet SP built transmission 
bulletslightly harder shifts but not bad at all for daily driving
bullethandles the power nicely under boost
bullet SP Level 2 torque converter (4k rpm stall)
bullet Kapi's pics of the new triple plate lockup by PI
bulletdramatically reduces the lag, still nicely streetable but a bit rough when unlocking at light throttle
bullet B&M tranny cooler - to disperse the additional heat from the high stall torque converter
bullet275/40R17 rear tires - BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KD's
bulletfantastic dry grip albeit poor wet grip (when in standing water)
bulletlots of road noise
bulletTRD 1.3kg/cm^2 radiator cap (stock is 1.1kg/cm^2)
bulletraises coolant boiling point by approximately 8.5 degrees F (3 degrees F / psi)
bullet GReddy Type R blow-off valve - photo with different size return adapters
bulletpreviously tried the Type S but it allowed compressor surge
bulletventing to atmosphere caused stalling upon throttle lift
bulletDo-Luck rear floor-board strut - pics
bulletseems to help the mushy top off feel but doesn't remove the problem
bulletT62 Turbo custom kit - here for install page
bulletGarrett T62 with a .58 A/R turbine housing - by Turbo Specialties
bulletHKS manifold (has about 6 hours worth of porting done to it)
bulletTurbonetics Racegate 
bulletAeroquip stainless oil feed and return lines with all the fittings to go into the block
bullet custom downpipe - heat wrapped
bulletintake with K&N cone filter
bulletK&N filter on exhaust side PCV (filter 62-1000)
bulletcoolant change to high water bias
bulletit had so much Toyota red coolant that it was actually syrupy; granted it is not a modification but I gained between 10 and 15 percent (.1 - .15 kg/cm^2; 1.4 - 2.1psi) more boost at the same solenoid duty cycle level on 93 octane (I assume this was due to a lack of timing retard)
bulletrule of thumb is ~12.5 rwhp / psi of boost; so I estimate the increase to be 17 - 25 rwhp for a total of 380 - 390rwhp on 93 octane; the car accelerated noticeably stronger
bulletCusco rear strut tower bar - here for Kapi's tech article
bulletPerhaps the reason TRD doesn't make one is because it's not needed?  there seems to be a beefy brace already there.  pic1, pic2, pic3
bulletmakes very little difference in normal driving
bulletTRD front strut tower bar
bulletfront end feels much firmer in turns and over bumps
bulletKYB AGX four-way adjustable shock absorbers (designed for Supra TT's with Eibach Lowering Springs)
bulletride feels wonderful!  much better rebound control 
bulletshould be installed at the same time as Eibach springs
bullet!Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) mod and block-off plate
bullet A'PEXi AVC-R boost controller 
bulletset at 1.3 kg/cm^2 ~= 18.5psi
bullet nice functionality but the display is one of the best and worst features - hard to find a good spot to mount the controller
bulletcan be hooked up to alternatively monitor injector duty cycle and rpms by installing a switch
bulletUnorthodox Racing cam gears 
bulletdyno set to intake 0 deg, exhaust -1 deg
bullet A'PEXi Super AFC fuel controller - click here for installation instructions
bullet A/F was extremely rich before tuning (10.5:1), AFC really improved the power output - see dyno chart - tuned for 12.75:1 with ~97 octane gas.   *** After talking to Andi B. I'm concerned that this leaner ratio is causing a huge amount of detonation on 93 octane gas.  Going to re-tune aiming for 11.5:1 on 93 octane.
bulletinitially dyno set to -22 percent from 4500 - 6000 rpms, -19 percent from 6500 - 7000 rpms on ~97 octane
bullet** update ** made more 93 octane power (1mph, ~10rwhp over previous 93 oct best) by richening by ~4 percent avg. over stock - details in track times section; made 3mph (~30rwhp) more than when tuned lean for ~97 octane and running 93 octane due to detonation avoidance
bullet GReddy 60mm EGT Gauge with peak/hold
bulletin stock right-side air vent
bullet < 300 deg C at idle - holds at 600 deg C cruising at 80mph w/ the sensor in the top of the dp
bulletholds at 700 deg C cruising at 80mph w/ the sensor in the turbine housing pre-turbine
bulletLance W.'s BPU alignment
bullet car handles MUCH more predictably - all tires break loose at the same time performed by Sports Car Centre
bulletEibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs (lowered front 1.2", rear 1.0")
bulletmuch less body roll in curves, much better look.  ride is acceptable but requires KYB AGX shocks
bulletalternative spring rate information
bullet Oxygen Sensor Simulator Circuit
bulletavoids MIL from downpipe installation in OBD-II cars
bulletNGK 6097 spark plugs - click here for why
bulletplugs do not look as rich as the 3330's did upon removal
bulletdefault gap (.0315")
bulletthoughts on NGK 3330's
bulletpreviously had AC Delco Rapidfire #5's gapped at .028" - cannot tell a difference
bulletgained ~4 mpg and ~4 mph trap speed from the switch from stock plugs to Rapidfire #5's at bpu level - wow!
bulletBlitz Dual Turbo Timer
bullet GReddy Boost Cut Controller
bullet Installed BCC and bleeder-T mod - sustained 1.35 kg/cm^2 - peaking to 1.5 kg/cm^2.  Too high for my comfort so I ordered the AVC-R.
bulletcircuit diagram for building a bcc
bulletTanabe G Power Medallion cat-back exhaust 
bulletvery quiet at idle, nice sound at wide open throttle - high quality finish
bullet Rod Millen Motorsports Downpipe (removed during single installation)
bulletdp + cat-back resulted in 14psi of boost - just under fuel cut during summer months
bulletK&N drop in air filter (removed during single installation)
bullet GReddy 52mm Electronic Boost Gauge
bulletin stock clock location
bulletcircuit that allows for proper dimming

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